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Phoenix Virtual Airways is the most comprehensive virtual airline available. We allow you to fly for over 700 airlines, service over 3,600 destinations world wide, while using over 2,500 airframe variations. PVA is operated by a small group of VA industry experts, and supported by an amazing group of dedicated pilots. With such a diverse network of airlines and pilots' nationalities, PVA flights are being flown around the clock, all over the globe. With type ratings, award ribbons, missions, monthly competitions, online flying, training, and events, there is something for everyone. Learn more, or join us today!

03/24/2015  PVA 5th Anniversary
02/09/2015  New Founder Among Us
02/03/2015  King of the Airline
01/28/2015  2015
06/29/2014  Hotel Partnership
01/16/2014  PVACARS II Mandatory
01/04/2014  Maintenance Complete
11/19/2013  *** NEW ENVIRONMENT ***
11/13/2013  Planned Outage: 19-Nov
07/02/2013  King of the Airline
United States   Rich J
Canada   Russ S
Croatia   Ivan R
United States   Gavin M
Brazil   Joao S
Turkey   Berk C
United States   Jarrett L
Brazil   Pedro P
Germany   Sassan A
Brazil   Luiz F
KMCI - KDTW  Josef I
LFPG - EHAM  Michael K
RJOO - RJAA  Brandon V
PANC - PASM  Martin K
EGKK - LCLK  Jacob M
KEWR - KMIA  Michel B
KPSP - KSMF  Jaden M
KSTL - KLAX  Spencer D
VHHH - YSSY  Steve S
LICJ - LIML  Chris H
TODAY'S TOP 10 LANDINGS Apr 18, 2015
 Pilot Flight # From To Aircraft Landing Rate
PVA3437 Spencer D AAL651X KSTL KLAX MD83 -9.23
PVA1477 Charles S THA409 VTBS WSSS B773 -23.07
PVA1314 Bradley M DAL1834X KATL KSTL MD88 -36.91
PVA3186 Greg G ATM6 YKII YWYY J31 -50.75
PVA2127 Michael K KLM1244 LFPG EHAM B738 -53.06
PVA1056 Rob H PVA3129 YPDN YSSY B752 -58.44
PVA3256 Kevin F PVA626 VHHH YSSY A225 -71.51
PVA1499 Daniel M DAL1926F KIAH KATL A320 -74.59
PVA1560 Rhulani M JAI547 OMDB VIDP B738 -95.35
PVA1307 Christian D GFA741 OAKB OBBI A320 -102.27
 Pilot Airline Flight # From To Aircraft Phase Status
 Steven S CPA23 VHHH YSSY B744F Climbing Early
 Rob H PVA444 EDDT UNKL MD11 Cruise On Time
 Samuel S VOZ1042X NFFN YSSY B738 Cruise On Time
 Luis A GLA7320B KDEN KPIR B190 Boarding On Time
 Andreas M PVA524 WSSS YSSY B742F Climbing On Time
 Bradley M AAL651X KSTL KLAX MD83 Chatting Early
 Brian W PVA1945 ZGNN WSSS B722F Cruise On Time
 Bob M UAE415 YSSY OMDB B772 Cruise On Time
 Matthew R UAE4964B EDDF GOOY B744F Paused Paused
 Stefan O FIN608X EVRA EFHK E170 Pre-Flight Early
 Simon H BEE3005 EGBB LFPG E195 Pre-Flight Early
 Odd Magne K QFA566B YPPH YSSY B738 Paused Paused
 Josef I DAL671D KMCI KDTW A319 Chatting On Time
 Wyatt N ANZ41 NTAA NZAA B763 Cruise On Time
 Marc A SIA351 EKCH WSSS B772 Paused Paused
 Michael K KLM1244 LFPG EHAM B738 Taxiing to Gate On Time
 Magby S KQA520B DIAP GOOY B738 Cruise On Time
 Brandon V ANA2178 RJOO RJAA A320 Chatting Early
 Martin K ERR860 PANC PASM DH8B Paused Paused
 Gaurav S EIN385X EGLL EINN A320 Paused Paused
 Steve S PVA626 VHHH YSSY A225 Cruise On Time
 Jacob M DQA400 VRMM VRMH DH8B Climbing On Time
 Conn T UAL1739D KORD KCLE B737 Boarding On Time
 Ali E PVA442 ZMUB YPDN B772F Cruise On Time
 Carlos S TCV6041 GVFM GVBA B737 Descending On Time
 Clark R BER7001 KMIA EDDL A332 Paused Paused
 Kevin F PVA626 VHHH YSSY A225 Paused Paused
 Hugh M AAL135 KJFK RJTT B772 Holding On Time
 Spencer D AAL651X KSTL KLAX MD83 Chatting Early
 Thomas B RNV865 UDYZ UKHH CRJ2 Cruise On Time
 Jaden M QXE331X KSMF KSBA CRJ7 Level Flight On Time
 Bruno T GLO1647 SBPA SBFL B738 Climbing On Time