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Phoenix Virtual Airways is the most comprehensive virtual airline available. We allow you to fly for over 700 airlines, service over 3,600 destinations world wide, while using over 2,500 airframe variations. PVA is operated by a small group of VA industry experts, and supported by an amazing group of dedicated pilots. With such a diverse network of airlines and pilots' nationalities, PVA flights are being flown around the clock, all over the globe. With type ratings, award ribbons, missions, monthly competitions, online flying, training, and events, there is something for everyone. Learn more, or join us today!

03/24/2015  PVA 5th Anniversary
02/09/2015  New Founder Among Us
02/02/2015  King of the Airline
01/27/2015  2015
06/29/2014  Hotel Partnership
01/15/2014  PVACARS II Mandatory
01/04/2014  Maintenance Complete
11/19/2013  *** NEW ENVIRONMENT ***
11/13/2013  Planned Outage: 19-Nov
07/02/2013  King of the Airline
United States   Bob C
United States   Dan C
United States   Eli N
United States   Andrew R
Australia   Paul M
United Kingdom   Mike B
United States   Mike K
United States   Jack R
Indonesia   Happy K
United States   Josh M
MMMX - KIAH  Peter E
LIRP - LICT  Frans K
NFFN - PHNL  Stuart O
LTBA - LIPZ  Morten D
YLRE - YWTN  Gregory B
SBCF - SBGR  Rafael M
KPGA - KPHX  Kevin F
YWTN - YLRE  Gregory B
EHAM - EGLC  Gaurav S
TODAY'S TOP 10 LANDINGS May 30, 2015
 Pilot Flight # From To Aircraft Landing Rate
PVA3588 Captain M AMF2924B KTUS KOLS BECF -23.07
PVA0009 Stuart O FJI820 NFFN PHNL B738 -46.14
PVA3186 Greg G ANZ8511C NZNS NZCH DH8C -59.21
PVA1499 Daniel M DAL393 KMDW KATL A319 -86.12
PVA1527 Rafael M TAM3326 SBGR SBCF A320 -89.2
PVA3561 Kevin R DAL5799 CYYC KMSP E175 -89.97
PVA2750 Larry J AAL1695 KDFW KPHX B738 -95.35
PVA3050 Gregory B MCK125X YWTN YLRE SW4 -97.66
PVA1683 James P SWA3865B KLAX KLAS B737 -112.27
PVA3050 Gregory B MCK126X YLRE YWTN SW4 -116.88
 Pilot Airline Flight # From To Aircraft Phase Status
 Larry M ASA72B PAJN KSEA B739 Holding On Time
 Christian D DLH1283B LGAV EDDF A320 Taxiing to Gate On Time
 Luis A VRD1355 KBOS KSFO A320 Paused Paused
 Bob M TRA117 EHAM GCLA B738 Climbing On Time
 Matthew R AAL173 EGLL KRDU B763 Paused Paused
 William C DAL1249 KPWM KATL A320 Cruise On Time
 Adam B TRA7003 EHAM ORER B738 Paused Paused
 Keino F CSN336 NZAA ZGGG B787 Cruise On Time
 Mikkel O SAS2588 LEPA EKCH A321 Cruise On Time
 Ahmed S LPE186X SPIM SEQU A319 Chatting Early
 Marc A PGT2406 LTAF LTAI B738 Descending On Time
 Peter E UAL1027D MMMX KIAH B737 Taxiing to Gate On Time
 Jacob L KLM705 EHAM SBGL B772 Cruise On Time
 Larry J AAL1695 KDFW KPHX B738 Chatting On Time
 Matic S AFR385X LFPG LEMD A321 Cruise On Time
 Ali E KFR453X VIDP VAJB AT42 Cruise On Time
 Kevin F AWE138B KPHX PANC A320 Cruise On Time
 Thomas B TAP567 EDDH LPPT A319 Cruise On Time