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Phoenix Virtual Airways is the most comprehensive virtual airline available. We allow you to fly for over 700 airlines, service over 3,600 destinations world wide, while using over 2,500 airframe variations. PVA is operated by a small group of VA industry experts, and supported by an amazing group of dedicated pilots. With such a diverse network of airlines and pilots' nationalities, PVA flights are being flown around the clock, all over the globe. With type ratings, award ribbons, missions, monthly competitions, online flying, training, and events, there is something for everyone. Learn more, or join us today!

05/26/2016  PVA Olympic Tourch Run 2016
04/06/2016  Thrissur Pooram Elephant Festi
01/22/2016  Carnevale di Venezia
12/29/2015  Changes in Airframe Subs
12/18/2015  Merry Christmas!
03/24/2015  PVA 5th Anniversary
02/09/2015  New Founder Among Us
02/02/2015  King of the Airline
01/27/2015  2015
06/29/2014  Hotel Partnership
  Thomas H
United States   Robert W
United Arab Emirates   Muhammad Arif A
United States   Robert H
Sweden   Marcus C
United States   Wyatt G
France   Mehdi B
United States   Trent W
United Kingdom   James S
United States   Bailey O
NZCH - NZAA  Hikmat M
KLWB - KCLE  Vladimir Z
RJAA - KSEA  Marcello T
LTAI - EGNT  Graeme C
ESNN - ESSA  Jacob L
OMDB - VNKT  David H
KATL - EGLL  Kevin J
ESSA - ESNN  Jacob L
KLAS - KSFO  Ronald H
TODAY'S TOP 10 LANDINGS Jul 23, 2016
 Pilot Flight # From To Aircraft Landing Rate
PVA1626 Michael O LNI1787B WAAA WIII B739 -38.45
PVA3989 Mark H UAL1101CX KIAH KEWR B752 -50.75
PVA4253 Vladimir Z COA3134 KLWB KCLE B190 -57.67
PVA3186 Greg G LNI1177 WASS WAMM AT42 -72.28
PVA2409 Jacob L SAS56X ESSA ESNN B736 -93.81
PVA4366 Greg D UAL34X RJBB KSFO B787 -95.35
PVA2409 Jacob L SAS55X ESNN ESSA B736 -105.35
PVA4069 Hikmat M ANZ522 NZCH NZAA B733 -109.19
PVA1868 Josef I SAS2063X ESPC ESSA B737 -115.34
PVA1056 Rob H UAL1706 PHTO KLAX B737 -116.11
 Pilot Airline Flight # From To Aircraft Phase Status
 Steven S JBU1051X KJFK MMUN A320 Paused Paused
 Rob H UAL534B KLAX KMSY A319 Cruise On Time
 Matthew R CMP220X SVMI MPTO B738 Paused Paused
 Rhulani M ACA91 SBGR CYYZ B762 Cruise On Time
 Jordan J UAE652 OMDB VRMM B772 Cruise On Time
 Gianni K TUI2258 EDDF GCLP B738 Climbing On Time
 Magby S LAZ903 LATI LGIR A319 Cruise On Time
 Jacob L SAS55X ESNN ESSA B736 Chatting On Time
 Jacob H SIA61 UUDD WSSS B772 Paused Paused
 Thomas B WZZ2375 LHBP LEBL A320 Cruise On Time
 Graeme C TCX460X LTAI EGNT B752 Chatting Early
 Marcello T ANA178 RJAA KSEA B787 Chatting Early
 David H DRK401X VNKT VQPR A319 Cruise On Time
 Charles T LNI797B WAJJ WAAA B738 Paused Paused
 George A G FDX1162 KMEM KTLH B722 On Approach Delayed
 Chad C UAL449BX KBOS KORD B752 Climbing On Time
 Hikmat M ANZ522 NZCH NZAA B733 Taxiing to Gate On Time
 Kevin J BAW320X EGLL LXGB A320 Cruise On Time
 Peter J CTN453 EHAM LDSP DH8D Paused Paused
 Vladimir Z COA3134 KLWB KCLE B190 Pre-Flight Delayed
 Greg D Chatting On Time