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Phoenix Virtual Airways is the most comprehensive virtual airline available. We allow you to fly for over 700 airlines, service over 3,600 destinations world wide, while using over 2,500 airframe variations. PVA is operated by a small group of VA industry experts, and supported by an amazing group of dedicated pilots. With such a diverse network of airlines and pilots' nationalities, PVA flights are being flown around the clock, all over the globe. With type ratings, award ribbons, missions, monthly competitions, online flying, training, and events, there is something for everyone. Learn more, or join us today!

06/29/2014  Hotel Partnership
01/16/2014  PVACARS II Mandatory
01/04/2014  Maintenance Complete
11/19/2013  *** NEW ENVIRONMENT ***
11/13/2013  Planned Outage: 19-Nov
07/02/2013  King of the Airline
05/17/2013  Airlines Flown Award
05/13/2013  100 years of Flight
04/28/2013  New Training Coordinator
04/23/2013  New Majestic Dash 8 - IMPORTAN
Ireland   Kevin B
Kuwait   Hassan J
Brazil   Matheus S
Brazil   Marcelo R
Brazil   José Alexandre M
United Kingdom   Louis H
Canada   Mohammad Z
United States   Joseph C
United States   William B
United States   Romeo B
CYDF - CYYZ  Samuel A
EGAA - EGJJ  Keino F
RKSI - ZBAA  Marco H
EBBR - LOWW  Stefan O
ESSA - EFHK  Mikkel O
EGPF - EGAA  Keino F
VVTS - VVCM  Gilles D
KSAN - PHNL  Isaac Y
EHAM - LEMD  Christian D
EVRA - LSZH  Jason E
TODAY'S TOP 10 LANDINGS Aug 30, 2014
 Pilot Flight # From To Aircraft Landing Rate
PVA1603 Stefan O AUA352 EBBR LOWW A320 -25.38
PVA1527 Rafael M AMX484 MMMX KLAS B737 -51.52
PVA2768 Jacob M RJA264 KORD OJAI A342 -65.36
PVA2927 Isaac Y BAW273 EGLL KSAN B772 -65.36
PVA1887 Keino F EXS339 EGAA EGJJ B733 -72.28
PVA1010 Larry M TSO307B UUDD EDDF B735 -83.05
PVA1887 Keino F EZY468 EGPF EGAA A320 -99.96
PVA3292 Chao Y AUA451B LOWW EGLL B738 -106.11
PVA3292 Chao Y AUA864C HECA LOWW B738 -107.65
PVA1922 Mikkel O NAX822 ENGM ESSA B738 -116.11
 Pilot Airline Flight # From To Aircraft Phase Status
 Howard H THA491 VTBS NZAA B772 Paused Paused
 Larry M CES220B EDDF ZSPD A332 Cruise On Time
 Alister C AAL69 LEMD KMIA B763 Paused Paused
 Luis A ANA1069X RJGG RJOM DH8D Paused Paused
 Samuel A COA2672 CYYZ KEWR E145 Chatting Delayed
 Mikkel O DLH855 EFHK EDDF A321 Cruise On Time
 Chris D ACA823 EGLL CYYT A319 Paused Paused
 Brandon V CQH8876 VMMC ZSPD A320 Paused Paused
 Peter E ANZ1 EGLL KLAX B773 Cruise On Time
 Gaurav S MDG125 FAJS FMMI B733 Paused Paused
 Jon O AAL5012B KTOL KORD E140 Paused Paused
 Michel B NAX802 ENGM ESSA B738 Boarding On Time
 Jacob M RJA264 KORD OJAI A342 Pre-Flight Early
 Jason A SWA1743 KDEN KATL B737 Pre-Flight Early
 Clark R AAL2700 KDFW KMAF E145 Paused Paused
 Kevin F ATW10X LGAV LGMK DH8C Pre-Flight On Time
 Chao Y ICE631 BIKF KBOS B752 Cruise On Time