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Phoenix Virtual Airways is the most comprehensive virtual airline available. We allow you to fly for over 700 airlines, service over 3,600 destinations world wide, while using over 2,500 airframe variations. PVA is operated by a small group of VA industry experts, and supported by an amazing group of dedicated pilots. With such a diverse network of airlines and pilots' nationalities, PVA flights are being flown around the clock, all over the globe. With type ratings, award ribbons, missions, monthly competitions, online flying, training, and events, there is something for everyone. Learn more, or join us today!

03/29/2017  Kona Hawaii Fly In and Landing
12/07/2016  Web Site
United States   Jack D
United States   Bishoy I
Germany   Jan K
United States   Monroe W
United Kingdom   Rishi G
South Africa   Adriaan S
Israel   Yalin S
South Africa   Johann P
United States   Javon E
Australia   Fabian W
EDDK - EDDB  Marcello T
KATL - CYUL  Chris K
EDDH - EDDK  Marcello T
ESSA - ESNZ  Kylen G
EKCH - LEBL  Michel B
EFHK - EDDT  Andreas M
LFML - EHAM  Andres C
EGAC - EGPE  Darren J
KFSD - KATL  Chris K
TODAY'S TOP 10 LANDINGS Apr 26, 2017
 Pilot Flight # From To Aircraft Landing Rate
PVA1011 Steven S AIP202X PHLI PHNL B190 -10
PVA5039 Jack D GLA160X KDEN KCEZ B190 -24.61
PVA1307 Christian D THY295 LTBA URSS A319 -26.91
PVA5012 Chris K DAL826 KDAL KATL B712 -26.91
PVA5038 Bishoy I WIG8310 KEWR KBOS C208 -26.91
PVA4143 Kevin J NAX4602 OMDB ESSA B738 -33.83
PVA2764 Phil B GLA7156CX KCNY KPRC B190 -43.83
PVA2472 Gaurav S ACA668X CYXE CYYZ A319 -52.29
PVA1011 Steven S BUG1531X PHKO PHOG CNA -56.9
PVA5012 Chris K DAL1070 KFSD KATL B712 -58.44
 Pilot Airline Flight # From To Aircraft Phase Status
 Rob H FDA332 RJFT RJNN E170 Paused Paused
 Daniel K DAL1377 PANC KSEA B738 Climbing On Time
 Matthew R THY1850 LGAV LTBA B739 Climbing On Time
 Keino F JST3 YSSY PHNL B787 Cruise On Time
 Marcello T RYR180 EDDK EDDB B738 Taxiing to Gate Early
 Kevin M AJM33 KMCO MKJS A320 Boarding On Time
 Rashane B BWA457 MKJP TNCM B738 Cruise On Time
 Kevin J MOA73 GMAD UUWW B738 Cruise On Time
 Arthur K ASA468X PASC PABR B734 Cruise On Time
 Vladimir Z GRL711 BIKF BGGH DH8B Boarding On Time
 Nate H MAS122BX YSSY WMKK B772 Taxiing to Runway Delayed
 Manny F AAL4634 KLGA KJAX E170 Cruise On Time
 Kylen G SAS2063X ESNZ ESSA B737 Climbing On Time
 Abrar A BAW107 EGLL OMDB B744 Boarding On Time
 Anthony P BER8705 LIRF EDDT A320 Level Flight On Time
 Fabio V BAW406X EGLL EGPF A321 Cruise On Time
 Jeff S ASA3385 KMSP KPDX E170 Landed On Time
 Chris K DAL1643 CYUL KATL B712 Boarding On Time
 Alcibiades P NKS100 KFLL TNCM A321 Pre-Flight Early