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About Us

Whether you are new to virtual airlines or a virtual airline veteran, Phoenix Virtual Airways probably has something for you. Phoenix Virtual Airways brings forth experienced virtual airline managers and a core group of pilots who seek a rewarding, fun flying experience as part of a community of flight simulation enthusiasts.

Phoenix Virtual Airways includes the following features that make it unique among virtual airlines:

  • Realistic modeling of the operations of more than 700 real world airlines, both passenger and cargo, regional and international, with schedules accurate as of the date the airline was added to the system

  • Proprietary ACARS that automatically records your flight data for submitting pilot reports (PIREPs).

  • Monthly contests like screenshot and landing competitions

  • Rank structure that allows you to fly larger aircraft as you progress to higher ranks, plus periodic events that allow flying of any of the more than 2,800 aircraft in the fleet.

  • An extensive list of missions that allow you to fly a number of flights in a specific order to gain bonus awards and ribbons for your profile

  • An engaged virtual airline pilot community in the forum